Support your child to emotionally regulate, build resilience and learn
self-care tools to help them manage life.

Hi, I'm Emma from Calm Ahoy Kids.

I'm a Children's Mindfulness Teacher, Relax Kids Coach and busy mum. I absolutely LOVE Relax Kids and use so many of their resources in both my work with children and at home with my own family.

Check out all of their amazing books, I love the childrens meditation books, great for bedtime and their audio's are so handy if you're too tired to read aloud. Their emotional support bundles are amazing for keeping kids engaged and if like me you love to learn, they have some incredible training courses too!

Through training as a Relax Kids coach I discovered that I absoloutely love to use creativity to teach relaxation and mindfulness skills to children.

So, SIGN UP below as i'm really excited to gift you my FREE 12 page Calming Creativity Workbook for Kids plus a special discount code for 10% off all Relax Kids products!