These printable affirmation cards are great to use with kids at home and in the classroom. I created them for my son and we love using them. They are a fun, inexpensive resource to help reinforce what we know our children are kids positive strengths. Helping them to build confidence and self esteem.

These cards can be used as a daily tool to remind kids of their positive strengths and how what they do matters and makes a difference in the world.

In this printable kit which has been lovingly illustrated and designed by me, you will receive a 44 - Page PDF containing:

26 Positive Affirmation Cards and 4 Reflection Cards

26 Matching A4 Posters

1 Gift Label (to make cards into a special gift)

Guide with instructions and ideas

You can use these fun Affirmation Cards:

  • To make into gifts for party favours and stocking fillers!
  • To use in craft activities, like creating collages or scrapbooks.
  • Decorate calm spaces, bedrooms or classrooms.
  • Use as conversation starters or play games with